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Kind words from clients

"Christine is amazing with my son and I cannot say enough wonderful words about her. 


The first time we met her, I was shocked that she immediately focused on HIM and was able to attune to him and build a powerful connection.  All other therapists we have ever met, always talk to me (instead of him) and focus on his limitations or pity him (and me) for his delays. 

Christine is the only person (outside our little family) who can connect with him in a very deep and meaningful way, which is truly priceless to me, as his mother.  Not only she is a great ABM practitioner who helps my son so much, she is also a truly authentic and deep person.  When I see her working with Demir, I feel so happy and touched that my son has someone else who cares about him, respects him, sees him in a very authentic way, and appreciates his whole being. 

I highly recommend her as an ABM practitioner and/or a conscious parenting & special needs family coach.  I also highly recommend subscribing to her YouTube channel and following her blog Becoming Butterflies Inc.  She consistently posts about what it is like to be a special needs parent, how to support our special needs kids, and how we, as parents, can change and transform ourselves to have a bigger impact on our children’s progress and development in a very powerful way". 


Ottawa, ON, Canada

"Christine was a guest speaker at our virtual parent support group (Tourette Ottawa Chapter) and offered our parents a different way of looking at our children and hence understand them better.  She captivated the audience with real and common examples that allowed us to put her suggestions in practice. It was an eye opener for many. Thank you Christine."

Tourette Ottawa Chapter
Ottawa, ON, Canada

"We were very excited to have Christine do a workshop on making time for self-care with families from the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario Navigator program. The session was insightful and deeply meaningful for our families. Christine was the right person to do this workshop for our families, because she is also walking in similar shoes of raising a child with special needs. She “gets it” and families could relate to her not only on a professional level but also on a personal level. Christine understands each of us are on a similar but very unique journey. She did a great job on giving us tips on how we can cultivate time and create self-care habits in our busy lives.  The one big take away from her session was simply making time to “be” with our children. We look forward to working with Christine again". 

Lillian Kitcher

Parent Navigator

Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario, Navigator Program

Ottawa, ON, Canada

"As a coach, Christine took the time to fully understand my struggles and had the ability to take me on a journey of understanding, calmness and clear vision. Her gentleness in explaining everything was remarkable. She has truly helped me be at peace with whatever chaos is happening around me."

Ottawa, ON, Canada

"I am so thankful for Christine's presence in our lives, and here's why. She popped up on Facebook at a time where I was finally ready to let the type of light she shines in! I think my son Simon was always ready for her, but I had my own journey as a parent right? I was ready to stop fighting, to stop being a warrior and to finally just BE! Be the mom I wanted to be, accept the help WE wanted to accept, be still, and start seeing the challenges we were facing as opportunities to grow, to see Simon as he is - a beautiful boy full of life and with beautiful gifts (as Christine would say). 

From the first moment we met, it's like Christine could read between the lines of our lives. She offered us a safe space to speak freely, to heal from our misadventures and learn from them. She changed our language, speaking of different abilities, rather than disabilities. She listened without judgment. She helped by taking us where we were on our journey and moving us forward, and she cares deeply.


Christine always takes Simon where he is, listens and respects his boundaries. And that, is a gift of its own - her gift!

Every single time we leave a session, Simon and I sing in the car and I come home with the desire to move forward more and more and more... as a parent, as a mental health practitioner, and as a person. The fact that Christine's work not only influences the person she is working with, but also that person's surrounding is huge.

There is something about how Christine views things without blaming or shaming, something I find inspirational as well. It's something I thrive to do - no matter what the emotions, there is no need for shame or blame".


Shediac, NB, Canada

"I am incredibly fortunate to have been coached by Christine. In just a few short months of working with her, she was able to help me recognize where I needed to focus the majority of my energy to truly enrich my life - more specifically home and family life.

As a military spouse with so much instability in my life, I was starting to feel “lost” and it was affecting my ability to truly feel the happiness and fulfillment I once felt as a mother and wife. Through bi-weekly sessions, weekly activities (homework) that she suggested and her book recommendations, not only was I able to reignite that spark within myself and with my husband, but I was also able to reconnect with my kids on a much deeper level. Through our sessions, I was able to recognize that my energy was being spent on the things that didn’t really matter, the things that I had very little control over and this was hindering my ability to enjoy life’s precious moments with my family. Christine’s coaching reminded me of the importance of truly connecting with my kids, at their level, with uninterrupted time to participate in activities and conversations that interest them. As a mom, we often feel overwhelmed with the daily routines of life, but with a healthy balance, these precious moments that we share with our kids have a huge impact on our children’s own personal development and on the family dynamic as a whole. Christine’s professionalisms, expertise and her positive energy was exactly what I needed to feel refreshed and ready to make the changes I needed to realign my parental priorities. I truly look forward to working with Christine again".


Panama City Beach, Florida, USA

​"My sessions with Christine began with an intention to explore a different career, but instead, turned into a journey of self-exploration. She quickly identified how consumed I was with the external world; with people's thoughts of me, and the stories I was creating in my head around situations. I never realized how burdened I was by guilt, negative self-talk and self-judgement, until now. There were a lot of 'ah ha' moments in our chats... as I began to redirect my attention inwards.  

Our meetings always felt like a safe space for me to express myself, and never once did I feel like Christine was judging me. She listened attentively as I rambled on about situations I had encountered and the negative feelings they brought on. I knew she was paying attention because she would often bring up comments I had shared in previous sessions, to show me how my insecurities were all interconnected. 


After every session, Christine was diligent about sending me a debrief email. I found it really helpful to have the key points of our discussion on paper, so I could review them and remain committed to my goals.

The weekly homework she provided was realistic and achievable. She forced me to become more aware of my thoughts, by asking me to write them down in a journal, (every day if possible). That end-of-day reflection helped me look inwards for answers, triggers and linkages to my past. We also integrated a 5-minute meditation every day. Writing about situations that make me feel good inside, and repeating positive affirmations throughout the day, also helped focus my thoughts, and practice self-love and self-growth.

Overall, Christine's sessions made me accept that healing, loving yourself, and becoming more authentically 'you'... is not something you check off a list; it's a practice. I used to think I could read a book and then poof, I would be a changed woman. But when that didn't happen, I was left feeling disappointed and unfulfilled. Now, the pressure's off. I understand that this is a process; it's something you have to work at, over months and years.

That being said, it's incredible how much progress I made, in such a short time. I can honestly say that I feel lighter and happier. The coaching sessions have brought much more balance into my life, and have sent me on a really positive path". 


Caroline G.

Montreal, QC, Canada

"I felt it was important to write a testimonial to describe the life transforming coaching sessions I experienced with Christine L’Abbe.

Christine got to know me on a deeper level through an exploratory first session where we looked at different areas to focus on during our time together.

Christine is kind and compassionate and I  immediately felt very comfortable sharing with her. She intuitively knew when to provide guidance and when to simply listen. Her sessions were flexible and met the needs of my current situation and sometimes they naturally flowed in different directions as needed. I personally learned a lot about myself during these sessions and solved some challenges in my life. Christine was generous with her time and I always felt fully supported and understood.

Without hesitation I highly recommend Christine’s coaching sessions".

B. Holt

Ottawa, ON, Canada