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The Path to Becoming

Insight & Wisdom on the journey with our differently abled children

Having special needs is part of our differently abled children's experience in this life. This experience is what shapes them into who they someday become.

Remember that our children, no matter their challenge, have purpose. There is a reason why they are here, why they are born as they are. They are a soul on a journey like every other human being.

They are not born believing they are unworthy. They are not born believing there is something wrong with them - this is imposed on them and the families that care for them.

Many of the differently abled children I work with emanate a high vibration of love - when you become capable of tuning into their light in this way, you will never want to leave their side! You will begin to understand why being in their presence is such a gift; so healing, eye opening and transformative.

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Unfortunately, as these beautiful beings of light grow older, their light is dimmed as a result of not being seen or valued for that which is unique and special in them. Their light gets overshadowed as, day after day, they are diminished for their differences.

In trying to change them or fix them, WE cause them suffering. In refusing to accept them as they are, WE cause them suffering.

To truly be of service to our differently abled children, we must work on our ability to see them first, to value their uniqueness. This means becoming more sensorially aware, becoming more conscious, and learning to understand the impact of our own energy on our child's development. Only then can we truly support them on their path by guiding them towards the modalities that will best support them in developing and expressing their innate gifts and abilities. What they are meant to share and express with life!

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