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 Are you ready to transform and to be empowered to support your child in reaching their full potential?

After years of working with special needs children as a Pediatric Anat Baniel Method® (ABM) NeuroMovement® practitioner, I decided to pursue a certification as a life coach to support families further.


It became clear to me that parents and caregivers needed support on their journey, to heal, and shift their perspective in order to truly see their child, select modalities that suit their child's needs and who they are, and awaken to the power and impact they have in helping their child transform into the beautiful butterfly - their highest potential. 

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Here's how I can Help

As your coach, I will empower you in discovering your own inner strength, wisdom and ability to support your child in reaching their full potential. 


The journey begins with you, the parent.

I will support you in identifying that which is holding you back from living your best life now. I will help you shift your perspective, see the silver lining, and anchor in the positive. 

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Healing & Transitioning

When you first receive your child's diagnosis, or when you notice that your child is not progressing quite like other children, it can be devastating at first. The transition into becoming the parent of a child with special needs can be incredibly overwhelming. Moving into a more positive headspace on this journey requires deep introspection, heightened awareness, and healing on behalf of the parent, which more often than not, necessitates extra support and guidance.  

        I can support you as you navigate through this new journey. I am right there with you and can empathize with your struggles.

        I will assist you in shifting your perspective about this new way of life and help you see the silver lining.

        I will help you understand how your conditioning and society has skewed how you view your child with special needs.  

        I will assist you in letting go of expectations, releasing your fears, and embracing the beautiful child that has been gifted to you. 

You and your family will forever be transformed, your child with special needs will thrive as a result, and their siblings, if there are any, will also benefit from your growing awareness and evolution as a parent.

Your emotional wellbeing and happiness has a direct impact on your child's ability to progress and reach their full potential.

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Connecting & Empowering

Creating an environment for children with special needs to thrive, means building on their abilities rather than on their limitations. It means seeing, hearing and embracing the child that is right in front of you, not the child you were supposed to have, or wish you had.


Your ability to effectively support your child in reaching their full potential from a physical and cognitive standpoint depends on how successful you are in assisting your child's brain in creating its own unique solutions.

        I will assist you in identifying and building upon present abilities.

        I will help you become more aware of your actions and behaviors and how they positively or negatively affect your child's progress.

        I will guide you on ways to wake up your child's brain and propose activities that will enhance your child's ability to notice differences, which is at the heart of the brain's capacity for creating  new connections and pathways.

I will help you create an environment for your child with special needs to awaken to their brain's fundamental ability to learn and grow. 

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Conscious Parenting

Conscious parenting is about freeing your child from the need for your approval, understanding the source of your own triggers, and setting boundaries rather than imposing discipline.

When we impose unnecessary pressure on our children to fill our own needs, we take them away from enjoying the process of learning. We take them away from discovering who they are, and what makes them unique. We take them away from finding their own way and becoming confident in shining in their own light.

        I will assist you in raising your awareness about your triggers, and help you identify where they stem from in order to move past them.

        I will help you see how your triggers and patterns affect how you parent, and thus affect your relationship with your child.

        I will assist you in identifying unconscious expectations and how these often negatively impact your child and your relationship with them. 

        I will give you tips on how to connect with your child on a deeper level.

        I will help you in seeing, hearing, and embracing the beautiful and unique child before you.

Our children are perfect just the way they are.

It is not them that need to change.

It's us.


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