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Educate yourself on how best to support your child in expressing their highest potential

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As a parent to a special needs child and through years of working with families, I understand the importance of working towards reaching our own highest potential as a way to best support our kids in reaching theirs. 


In this workshop, we will discuss why self care is key, what self care looks like, and the positive impacts of caring for and loving ourselves on our ability to attune to and show up for our kids in the way they need us most. 


Attendance Fee: $25

Mindful Movement


Sharing Circle/Group Coaching

Mindful movement is a beautiful form of self care for parents of children with special needs.


Here are some of the benefits:


  • Heightened awareness of the body, the inner world of feelings and of the senses

  • A sense of mental stillness similar to meditation, or other mindfulness-based modalities

  • A feeling of being less reactive in relationships

  • A decrease in stress levels

  • A heightened ability to focus

  • Improved sleep

  • Mental clarity

  • Reduced levels of anxiety

  • Increased vitality

  • Increased strength, flexibility and balance

  • Pain relief

This group event is offered every two weeks on Tuesday evenings and includes a mindful movement session, followed by a sharing circle and group coaching.


Participation Fee: $25 per session

Max Number of participants: 10

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